“The only true voyage, the only bath in the Fountain of Youth, would be not to visit strange lands but to possess other eyes, to see the universe through the eyes of another, of a hundred others, to see the hundred universes that each of them sees, that each of them is;”

-Marcel Proust
La Prisonnière

I am beginning my first day in America at a Ramada Suites outside of Atlanta, GA, where after last-minute flight cancellations I slept, looked at jobs, and re-watched episodes of Hannibal, season 1.  All of these things I do absent-minded.

With Peace Corps I have seen so many fascinating places, tasted wonderful foods and elixirs, met great people and all of these things have doubtlessly impacted and changed me in ways that I haven’t begun yet to understand.  When I left, I promised people I would make the most of this time, and while there are things still left undone, on the whole I succeeded.

I am neither happy or sad that it is over, though I will doubtless begin missing people and of course the food (most flavorful fruits and vegetables imaginable). I feel simply content and ready.

In this last hour of putzing in my hotel room before setting out yet again, I am thankful for the experiences and the people who got me this far and for those ahead. I am curious to see in what ways America and everyone has and continues to change and if and how we continue to change together. I am eager to shape my new life and the new image of myself. Whatever that may become, it will be my design.

Shumë falëminderit të gjithë.