Recently I was sitting in an internet lokal, and started looking at movie trailers.  2 hours later I have a list, that doubtless will grow exponentially over the next two years with movies that I want to see at some point.  I’m not advocating torrents – support your filmmakers.  Anyway, at the MUN conference I started showing off my list (I never leave home without it) and a friend asked me to post it.  So here you go. My December movie list – based soley on what might be fun, interesting, or just so bad – I’ll watch it.  The full list is at the bottom, but here are a few random selections I’ve highlighted.  Mind you this is a perpetual work in progress.

From the same people that created Primer, the teaser doesn’t give away much of the story, but I’m certainly intrigued.


Angsty, rom dramedy.  But I’m curious to see Alison Brie outside of Community, and I have a growing soft spot for Mark Webber.  Check out the trailer for his other film, The End of Love about a recent widower, raising his young son.


Looks to be a stylish noir suspense story, and Charlotte Rampling and Gabriel Bryne in the leading roles – I can’t wait.  Charlotte Rampling is a goddess of the screen, and the featured subject in Charlotte Rampling: The Look.


…takes the zombie genre in a fun direction.  We saw what Shaun of the Dead, and Zombieland did for the zombie-comedy, but zombie rom-com?! Amazing!  And look at Nicholas Hoult all grown up since About a Boy (I’m going to pretend Wah-Wah never happened for all those involved).  You can also check him out in the fantasy adventure film, Jack the Giant Slayer.


Ben Whishaw gets angry.  Looks superb.  First noticed Whishaw in Perfume: The Story of a Murderer


Jeremy Irvine is going to be amazing.  This take, by director Mike Newell is the first featured length film period adaptation of Dickens’ classic in quite some time.  Yes there was the 1998 version with Gwyneth Paltrow and Ethan Hawke, during that time when folks were obsessed with modernizing classics (i.e. Romeo + Juliet and Clueless among them), but if Irvine’s interview and the trailer are any indication, this adaptation doesn’t need the gimmicks.  Great director, actors and story.


This one just looks fun, and its soundtrack was largely taken from Snow Patrol.  “What if the Storm Ends” was well chosen to make this movie look, well, Epic.

FULL LIST (for now)

Upstream Color
Save the Date
Sons of the Clouds
I, Anna
Warm Bodies
Love Hate
Jack the Giant Slayer
Now is Good
Great Expectations
I Give it a Year
Stoker  ** Watch this one!!