With mercurial delight I pulled from the depths of my boredom a one minute ode to Snake Xenzia and Dune.  It comes from the limitless limited creativity common with having too much free time on my hands.  Not the most well executed of creations (unlike my fantastic ciabatta bread which was also birthed from a fit of boredom and an obstinate nature and position of not paying for things that I can just as easily bake myself) it was however, an exercise in a few of my favorite things (i.e. video, pop culture reference, something, something, etc.)

Over the course of the two years, Peace Corps Volunteers will take on a number of hobbies and skills, attempting to fill their free time by:

  • Learning culinary wizardry (or just wizardry);
  • Taking on arts and crafts [or as I sometimes call them, “arts and crap” (thanks Dolly)] like weaving plastic bags into what-not;
  • Making their own music video covers of popular music (i.e. “Can I Smell Yo’ D***?);
  • Learning a new language beyond the one they already have to (or at least aspire to);
  • Keeping an amusing and charming blog to rattle out their inane musings (read earlier posts of ¡PermisoAlbania!)

But on the subject of hobbies and filling ones times, Irish comedian, and one of my favorites, Dylan Moran said on chat show, Friday Night with Jonathan Ross:

“Hobbies are a bit sinister I think, because what are you going to do, you know? Are you going to get a tractor tire and cover it in shells? Or get a lump of wood and chisel it for nine hours because you’re not happy with your life? That’s what a hobby is. […] How does anyone fill their day?  I think the truth is you fill your day, most of the time, by being in the washing machine of your own mind thinking, ‘What’s this? When does it stop?  Am I enjoying it?  I don’t know. Oh, it’s time to go to sleep. I can’t. I’m worried.’ And then you wake up and smear jam on your family’s face and your own. But at times it is an enormous pleasure to be alive.”

It is a pleasure, and if someone, anyone, can find some modicum of something meaningful or enjoyable in any of it, well that’s just icing on the cake.  And I love cake.

Heading to Pogradec this weekend.