I saw this great video of presenter Jonah Lehrer at Behance’s 99% Conference.  Thanks to The Curious Brain for bringing it to my attention.

Among the many ideas covered, one takes me back to my BIC courses at Baylor, when we discussed the tenants of Daoism, “the way”, among which included “letting go”.  When we struggle to find the answer it will evade us, but when you relax and stop thinking, the solution oftentimes will present itself.

Just watch it and share comments.

I took a week of pushim and went to Velipoja and Shengjin to see my good friend Derek.  More on those adventures soon.  Busy-ish weeks ahead.

[Updated 1:12 pm] While researching Mr. Lehrer, I found out he was caught up in a plagiarism scandal, when he used his own previously published works without citation.  A few interesting articles on the subject can be found:

Here, here, and here.  No comment yet.  Either way, I still like his ideas.