Albania is big on coffee and yet surprisingly limited in their explorations of the many ways to drink it.  Most all shops will serve you an espresso, but only a few can muster anything like a cappuccino or machiato, and these by traditional definitions are a bit off target.  The majority of social and work gatherings happen over coffee so I’m not too surprised when I get back home and host-mom has had 5 already.  If I offer to make it she’ll say Jo pime kafe. (lit. No, not drink coffee).  So I’ll expect to be wired over the next few years, so as a celebration of the Albanian coffee culture, I’ve started taking pictures of each cup of coffee I drink.

Here’s a small sample of what I’ve collected so far.  Recently I’ve started to experiment.  Also I snuck in a picture of Tripod, the three-legged cat.

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