We finally have hit a wall here in the PST Albania, both emotionally and . . . something else.  You notice in the small things.  Host family time feels like a chore.  You’re on the verge of snapping if you have to eat one more fried egg (or dying of a heart attack).  Even our sentences are slightly more cynical and macabre (Une shkatërrova makinën e prindërve.  I wrecked my parents car.)

Misery loves company and I know from talking with my fellow cohort we’re all pretty much in the same boat.  Pity the optimistic, happy ones.  They get a lot of scornful looks.

It’s a Rufus kind of day:

Still we’re not the first to go through it and our teacher Eri said that we’re all handling it quite well.  Things to look forward to:  In about two weeks we go away to the capital and then to the beach-side city of Durrës for a little R&R and to meet our future counterparts (the people in the communities and offices who will act as our liaisons on site).  We will spend the rest of that week at our sites, which for me will be pretty easy since I’m here a lot already.  Kyle (the current volunteer who I will be taking over for) has already talked about getting out of the city for a bit, thank goodness.

So just a small hump to get over and certainly not the last, but if you are reading this drop a note and say hello and tell me how you are doing.  What news from the USA? Puerto Rico?  Any readers in Ireland?