Friday was the big announcement and I will be going to Elbasan.  Actually staying in Elbasan, since about 2/3 times a week I’m either here or pass through.

For the first 5 seconds after announcement I was a little underwhelmed to be completely honest.  After hearing about all the different sites people had explored during the volunteer visit weekend, Durres, Korçë, Vau Dejes, Shkoder, I got one of the few places volunteers already know.

Then I thought about it and I couldn’t be happier.  Elbasan is essentially the hub of traffic for the Southern Region and quick hop over the mountain from the capital, Tirane.  I’ve already started to explore the city and will fortunately be able to rely on the connection of current Peace Corps volunteers here and staff who will be my “in” to the community and hopefully getting a few steps ahead on future projects.  And, with all the love in the world, I’ll be able to play host to fellow volunteers and other international passer-by’s. So, skippity-doo-dah.  Not to mention it is a pretty great city (so I’ve been told – and hope to share my explorations with all of you soon).  More details soon but I will be placed with the Municipal government.

So pictures.
Here are some shots from Vesa’s fifth birthday a few weeks ago and just some random shots of Peace Corps Life

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